Thermal Analysis

FEA Outsourcing provides Thermal analysis services for analysing the effects of thermal loads and heat transfer on the design of any mechanical product or system. Our qualified & experienced FEA experts help you in solving a variety of thermal analysis problems using FEA software tools like ANSYS, LS-DYNA, COSMOS, ANSA, HYPERMESH, CATIA, NASTRAN, Pro-Mechnica, etc. We have helped customers from several industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive, biomedical, oil and gas, defence & security, consumer products by providing following types of thermal analysis.

Thermal Analysis
  • Steady State Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Conduction Analysis
  • Convection Analysis
  • Radiation Analysis
  • Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Thermo-mechanical Analysis
  • Coupled Thermo-fluid analysis
  • Natural and Forced Convection Analysis
  • Thermal Stress Analysis of parts and assemblies
  • Non-Linear Thermal analysis of curing processes
  • Creep Analysis

The main aim of FEA thermal analysis & simulation is to determine the effects of conduction, convention, and radiation on a particular mechanical system or component. Using state-of-the-art heat transfer management and computational methods, we deliver advance simulations to find thermo evaluation data such as:

  • Identification of hot stops across different areas
  • Energy problems in virtual prototypes
  • Design problems in relation to heating factors
  • Effects of loading in transient, high and low temperature climates
  • Stress and fatigue areas

Heat Transfer FEA Analysis

At FEA Outsourcing, we also provides heat transfer analysis services to several industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine, manufacturing, chemical, oil & gas and Turbo-machinery. Finite element method in a traditional design and development process helps in reducing the number of physical prototypes and expensive redesigning processes that follows an ideal design and manufacturing process.

We specialize in solving problems for automobiles, buildings and mechanical applications such as heat exchanger design, heat shield & optimization design, and PCB design. FEA outsourcing thus helps in efficient managing of thermal loads, temperature distribution and heat transfer rates in any mechanical component or system.