Structural and Stress Analysis Services - Strain Analysis

Structural AnalysisStructural analysis services using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computation method for determining different types of stresses acting on a component or machinery part. When it comes to fatigue analysis and failure investigations of any component, structural or stress strain analysis is used to determine the effects of static or dynamic loading on the component.

We serve to industries such as Aerospace, Automobiles, Marine, Oil and Gas, Medical and Healthcare, Security and Defence, Construction, Railways, and Manufacturing. We take utmost pride in our success and services and provide our customers with cost-effective and optimized solutions.

Typical Application include:

  • Nuclear Structures & Components
  • Industrial Structures
  • Aerospace Components
  • Civil Structures
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Rail Components
  • Marine Components
  • Critical mechanical components

Benefits of Stress Analysis Services include:

  • Optimum FEA solutions for Product design and development
  • Precise Calculation of strain, deflection and distribution of loads
  • Domain Knowledge of thermal & structure stress
  • Less errors means no product failures
  • Improved features and competitiveness
  • Cost-effective solutions

We provide efficient solutions to validate safety and performance of any design or product before actually manufacturing it. Strain gauge testing, the basic way for confirming the results of any structural analysis, helps in optimizing the design and features of the product.

Our team of experts have thorough knowledge and experience in understanding the causes and effects of uneven load distribution, which further assist them to understand a structure's response to different kinds of loads.

During stress analysis, the component is simulated through varied load conditions in order to understand the performance of the design and material used for the component. The analysis results help in delivering a better product by improving factors such as material, weight, design etc. of the product. This considerably reduces manufacturing risks and failure probability of the product.

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