Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation - Electro-Magnetic Analysis

Multi-body dynamics is a process of simulating complex mechanisms to calculate different forces within the mechanical part or component. It is an important process to avoid uncertain analysis results based on assumed loading conditions. Multi-body dynamics provide accurately calculated forces that can be fed into finite element analysis for reliable analysis result data.

Our services include:

  • Electro-magnetic ANSYS Simulation
  • Electrical & Magnetic Assessment
  • Stress and Deflection analysis under dynamic loads
  • Hydraulic Turbine Simulation
  • Rigid mode analysis
  • Kinematics analysis
  • Optimization of mechanisms
  • Quasi-static Load Predictions
  • Packaging studies
  • Synthesis of mechanisms

At FEA Outsourcing we offer expertise and solutions to attend to a variety of mechanical configurations. Our experienced team knows that kinematic analysis is the key to understand the mechanism performance; especially in cases where in the effects of mass and inertia are negligible. We thus offer expert kinematic solutions to achieve the desired motion and to create clearance envelopes to package other components.

We also provide dynamic analysis services in cases where in mass and inertia is taken into account. Thus multi-body dynamics can be used for both simple and complex applications in order to understand interactions and other constraints.

Our services are used by customers across a wide range of industries. We combine our expertise and knowledge to provide specialize engineering solutions and to ensure design and product success.

Understanding and analysing the complex behaviour of mechanical assemblies is a difficult task. FEA Outsourcing, using advanced tools and software, offers virtual prototyping and design optimising services to ensure performance, safety and quality of the final product. Our team has also developed customised codes and solutions to attend some of the most complex mechanical simulations of different industries.

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