Linear Static Analysis:

FEA Outsourcing offers Linear Static Analysis service to its clients to meet their reliable product design expectations. Our qualified & experienced FEA consultants help you resolve simple & complex FEM / FEA problems easily by following types of linear static analysis using FEA software tools like ANSYS, LS-DYNA, COSMOS, ANSA, HYPERMESH, CATIA, NASTRAN, Pro-Mechnica, etc.

  • Assembly & Part Stress Analysis
  • Deflection Analysis
  • Deflections and Strains Correlation Analysis
  • Contact Stress Analysis
  • Position of Thermal Stresses
  • Stiffness Analysis
  • Factors of Safety Calculation

Linear Static Analysis

Linear Analysis 1 Linear Analysis 2

Non Linear Analysis

FEA Outsourcing offers non-linear analysis service to determine stress and strain levels during engineering design & product development life cycle. Our qualified & experienced FEA experts help our customers effectively design their products with following types of nonlinear analysis services using FEA software tools like ANSYS, LS-DYNA, COSMOS, ANSA, HYPERMESH, CATIA, NASTRAN, Pro-Mechnica, etc.

  • Geometric Non-Linear Analysis
  • Material Non-Linear Analysis
  • Non-linear Dynamic Analysis
  • Time Domain Response Analysis
  • Impact Analysis
  • Elasto-Plastic Deformation Analysis
  • FEA of Rubber & Elastomers
  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis involving large displacements

Non Linear Analysis

The stiffness relating to the load and response is assumed to be constant for static analysis; however most structures behave nonlinearly. The stiffness matrix consists of geometric parameter like length, cross sectional area and moment of inertia of section etc. and material properties like elastic modulus, rigidity modulus etc.

The static analysis assumes that these parameters do not change when structure is loaded; on the other hand nonlinear static analysis takes into account the changes in these parameters as load is applied to the structure. These changes are accommodated into the analysis by rebuilding the stiffness matrix using deformed structure configuration and updated property after each Incremental load application.

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