Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Process

FEA Outsourcing provides advanced finite element analysis services to improve the design and durability of a product. We provide a wide range of FEA analysis processes to serve clients from different industries.

Each process goes through a step by step procedure to provide the desired results. We use state of the art tools along with a systematic methodology to get accurate results.

The main steps of an FEA process includes

Model Creation

A detailed model of the component is drawn in 2D or 3D space according to the requirement. The model can also be made in a pre-processor or some different CAD package and data can be then transferred to make a new model according to the analysis being carried out.

Applying a Mesh

Mesh generation is a process of dividing the analysis process into finite elements to get better results. The finer the mesh more accurate the results and longer is the time taken. Mesh generation can be done manually or automatically. The manually made mesh has smaller elements at the joints to capture the stresses. Manual meshing is a tedious and long process and thus automatic mesh generation is used. In automatic mesh generation, the mesh is created by a mesh engine which is faster but not ultimate in quality.

However, the main aim of any mesh generation process is to create minimum number of elements in order to reduce the processing time. A few critical areas also need sufficient element density to accurately analyze a part.

Assigning properties and Analysing

Material properties such as density, thermal conductivity, coefficients of heat etc. are defined and their effects are analysed under different operating conditions. Optimization goals such as addition and removal of material and design modification are also defined. Areas where in weight can be reduced are indicated along with design suggestions to minimize the chances of part failure.

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