Finite Element Modeling

Our FEA experts use their expertise and skills to verify products early in the design cycle. In product design situations several FEM models of increasing refinement will be set up as design evolves.

Finite Element Modeling is a method to carry out different analysis on a product design before the development stage, in order to improve the features and characteristics of a product. FEM Analysis helps in simulating different scenarios by employing engineering analysis software to test a product.

General FEA Modeling Rules

  • Use the simplest elements that will do the job
  • Never use complicated or special elements unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing
  • Use the coarsest mesh that will capture the dominant behavior of the physical model, particularly in design situations

The early adaption of latest FEA techniques solves three things:

  • Accelerates the Product Development Process
  • Optimizes design and minimizes failures
  • Reduces Production Costs and Time

We engage computer simulated systems for stress analysis, effects of vibrations, heat exposure, and other seismic effects on parts and machineries that provides cost effective solutions to rectify and speed up various production operations.

Software we use:


We provide analytical FEA modeling to industries like automobile, construction, oil & gas, consumer products, educational, electronic, environment, defense, refrigeration, MEMS, power generation, semi-conductors, telecom and turbo-machinery.

The main aim of providing SolidWorks FEM solutions is to optimize the product design and development process by reducing the number of physical prototypes manufactured, and time & cost-to-market. We can systematically assess the performance and resolve design faults and thus provide several benefits to our customers.

Benefits of FEA Modeling include:

  • Reduction in production cost
  • Reduction in cost of materials
  • Reduced development cost
  • Improved product performance
  • Speed up production
  • Enhanced product safety

Our Method of Analysis Consists of Three Steps:

  • Preprocessing: In this process the model is analyzed using advanced technology.
  • The data prepared by the preprocessor is subjected to stress simulation.
  • Post processing- Postprocessor displays a pictorial version of stress levels on the model.

We have an in-depth knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering which helps us to address key issues and provide expert solutions to different Finite Element problems.