The Significance of Finite Element Analysis for Product Success

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a very important method for predicting the success of a product. With the help of this method it is possible to predict how products will behave in a simulated environment. It can also help to define if the product will operate under different conditions. There are certain elements that can be deployed differently. These elements include pressure, vibration, fluid flow, and heat.

We already have enough knowledge to know that FEA breaks elements into small parts. These finite-sized parts can be in thousands. Those areas which are considered to be high stress are further divided into smaller units of higher mesh. Mathematical equations are then evaluated which helps in further understanding the calculations of stress and strain.

As discussed in our previous article; FEA is the best method to evaluate design or application of the product. Plastic products are easily unreinforced or reinforced. Hence; glass-reinforced plastic products are generally evaluated using linear FEA procedures. Unreinforced plastics should be analyzed using equations resulting for nonlinear materials, not linear materials.

You need to decide the best method for your product. Nonlinear FEA software is quite expensive and requires a lot of time to set up and even longer time to run. Also there are some inaccuracies in this method which can have inaccurate results. A non-linear FEA analysis is the best possible solution in this case; as it integrates all the actual stress-strain information for accurate results.

The most important thing for the designers and engineers is to understand the product before opting for FEA. This requires a lot of analysis from them and also understanding the stress-strain points in the product to be designed. When you first opt for FEA the process can be bit rough but once you gain confidence and experience, you can utilize the results to your favor thereby eradicating the final product testing. As the level increases the experienced FEA consultants can be utilized to avoid any mistakes.

FEA can be a determining factor in increasing your product lines and get the desired results from the product.

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