Industries and Applications We Served

Our professional FEA experts are concentrated towards the solitary goal: Serving you flawlessly, produce, simulate, confirm, and work together in 3D.

With single stride 3D scanning coursework to widespread turnkey product expansion projects, Our cutting-edge technology and technical know-how guarantees the company with increased profitability, lesser turnaround times, interoperability whereas reducing the costs.


  • Reverse Engineering
  • Aerodynamics
  • Design Optimization for Engineering
  • Legacy Part Analysis and OEM
  • Maintenance
  • Machine Mold and Tooling


  • Aftermarket
  • Design, Reverse Engineering, and Styling
  • Manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Control
  • Simulation

Consumer Products

  • Advertising and Packaging
  • Styling and Design
  • Tooling Update

Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline Structures
  • Turbo-machinery & Petrochemicals
  • Refineries


  • Inspection
  • Machine design and equipment
  • Machine making & adjustments
  • Part design & Work instructions


  • Art Schools
  • Architecture or Design Schools
  • Engineering Schools

Our professional FEA experts specialize in offering the customers all-inclusive with the high-quality as well as pioneering 3D technology, reliable support and turnkey services. Using its expertise as well as commitment and passion of the employees, we assist the companies flawlessly produce, simulate, confirm and work together in application, considerably enhancing the turnaround times as well as profitability.

We undertake where no one else has dared to walk, bravely designing products as well as technology for the projects, which were once ahead of imagination. We redefine boundaries of 3D universe through constantly pushing technology limits back.