FEA Consulting Services - Testing and Optimization

FEA Outsourcing is the flagship division of Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services having 14+ years of experience. It forms a significant part of Hi-Tech's global strategy of providing substantial FEA Consulting services. We have more than 100+ management and technical specialists, experienced in all aspects of FEA engineering services.

Outsource FEA consulting servicesFEA Consulting Services offer you one of the best ways to test, optimize and build a very stable system, structure or component. FEA is a very important part of ensuring the safety and durability of a component or system. Companies outsource FEA consulting services to get a very clear idea of the structural and vibration stresses and loads involved in the system. It saves not just time but also huge developmental costs involved in iterations and failures of systems.

FEA Consulting involves various processes that cater to the needs of the clients in a specific manner.

FEA Consulting consists of:

  • Loads and Dynamics Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Acoustics Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Mechanisms/Multi-Body Dynamics Analysis

We have worked in a huge number and variety of industries including aerospace, chemical processing, consumer products, automotive, HVAC, industrial equipments, semiconductors, scientific instruments, power generation, medical equipments, electronics, turbomachinery etc.

There are several more FEA consulting solutions offered by FEA Outsourcing.


FEA Testing is the process where your system or component is designed as nodes and meshes and tested for fatigue, faults and possible defects under stress, load or vibration. In this process, our engineers use some of the most advanced software tools to analyze the model under various factors of stress.

Structural Analysis ConsultingWe specialize in following testing analysis:

  • Strain and Fatigue Testing
  • Modal Testing
  • Shock and Drop Testing
  • Qualification Testing
  • Flight Testing
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Test Equipment Rental
  • Test Support and Training

FEA Testing is the first and foremost step in Finite Element Analysis as it allows us to clearly understand the demographic and functional behavior of a component or system.


Once we've tested, our consultants will offer elaborate and richly detailed reports that can optimize your system to meet your requirements of safety, durability and stability. Optimization of components through software tools also involves generating reports through testing. Our optimization consultations are very thorough, comprehensive and encompassing to provide you various ways in which you can optimize your system.

We can help you out with all your FEA consulting, testing and optimization needs.