Fatigue Analysis using FEA - Vibration Fatigue Analysis

At FEA Outsourcing, we extend fatigue analysis services to determine causes of the failure and to address design and structural issues. It thus ensures optimal material selection and reduces repairing and re-designing costs. Fatigue analysis is important to prevent failure of a component under repeatedly applied loads. With years of experience and insight of fracture mechanism and crack infiltration & growth, allows us to carry out FEA analysis and physical testing in best possible manner. We offer following types of Fatigue Analysis Services using FEA software tools like ANSYS, LS-DYNA, COSMOS, ANSA, HYPERMESH, CATIA, NASTRAN, Pro-Mechnica, etc. which include:

  • Failure Prediction Analysis
  • Durability Analysis
  • Remaining Life Analysis (RLA)
  • Cycle to Crack Formation Analysis
  • High and Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
  • Threshold Stress Intensity Analysis
  • Creep/Stress Rupture Testing / Analysis
  • Vibration Fatigue Analysis
  • Life Extension Analysis
  • Dynamic Tear Testing / Analysis
  • Axial and Rotating Bending Analysis
  • S-N Curves Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

A mechanical component undergoes failure when continuous loading conditions go below the static yield strength of the material. Moreover, no mechanical components are continuous in nature. Discontinuity in the component when complimented by high stresses leads to cracks. Some other reasons that can lead to failure are unchecked loading conditions, unstable design, and improper maintenance.

At FEA Outsourcing, we use powerful software to determine highly stressed areas and measure crack growth. Our FEA engineers easily find out energy dissipation points in stress-strain hysteresis loop, one of the prime factors for crack initiation and propagation in a structure. We also help in evaluating crack growth rate and factors that render fatigue failure such as temperature, structural resonance, and material purity.