Crash Analysis

Impact & Crash Analysis is an essential aspect to be considered while determining the energy absorption capability of any manufacturing component. In order to ensure robustness and long life of any component, the conventional stress and strain analysis might not suffice.

We provide Crash Analysis Services includes:

  • Automotive Crash Analysis
  • Body Crash Analysis
  • Impact Simulation
  • Accident Analysis
  • Crash Dump and Hang Analysis
  • Explosion
  • Catastrophic Failure & Fault testing
  • In-vehicle Crash Test
  • Product Drop Test

Usually, most of the design and manufacturability aspects are taken into consideration keeping in mind static or equivalent static loading. An important aspect - momentum and its effects are often neglected. At FEA outsourcing, we take these aspects into consideration and provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure and support services.

Crash analysis is extremely important to get the complete picture of a product life cycle and ensure safety and durability of the product. An important process in automobile and manufacturing industry, it takes in to consideration stresses, which result from transient loads.

Crash analysis allows engineers to optimize design of the component by analysing important factors related to various stresses. Different types of simulations such as Drop test Simulation, Impact simulation, crash simulation, accident analysis and explosion simulation are used for considering transient and impact loading.

Duration or time for which transient loads are acting play a vital load in determining the type of technique used. These simulations help in large amount of FEA engineering data from the components which further help in optimizing the design aspects. The insights obtained from this simulation help engineers to strike a balance between static and dynamic characteristics of a given model. It is thus essential for ensuring durability, long life and safety of any component.