Buckling Analysis Services - Linear & Non-linear Buckling

At FEA outsourcing, we realize the effects of elastic instability due to excessive external pressure and therefore provide extensive analysis services to our customers.

Linear Element Analysis though extensively is used for analysing displacement and stresses of mechanical components, it is not a fool-proof way to validate the design of the component. This is because during linear finite element simulation, it does not take the elastic instability of the component into consideration - a major reason for buckling of any mechanical component.

Buckling is often termed as potential failure mechanism which leads to sudden failure of a structural component. It helps to correctly recognize the mechanisms of failure and ensure that the design would withstand the expected loading conditions.

Magnitude of loads, material strength and component design are the three main things analysed by our FEA engineers.

The critical buckling load for any structure should be calculated to know the strength of the structure.

Technically, it is an extended version of linear-elastic analysis, which doesn´t take the factor of elasticity into account. The values of displacement, stresses, loads, and boundary conditions acquired from this results are fed into a simulator, an equipment to carry our work. The solver provides us with different possible failure modes and respective failure safety for each.

We use advanced software to carry out non-linear simulation along with FEA. It is widely used in applications of vessels with vacuum processes and pressurized components with varying loads.